Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Sleeping Bag.

Wanted to post something more substantial, but just realised i've got nothing to combat sea sickness for 3 peaks and need to get to a pharmacy before heading out for dinner. So, instead of a long, drawn out post about how good training running is at the moment and all the things i'm looking forward to about this adventure over Easter, instead i give you what i'm not looking forward to about this race.

A sleeping bag.

Why we have to lug a sleeping bag around 133km of mountain running is beyond me, especially considering we are also carrying a fleece top, thermal top and bottoms, water proof jacket and pants, a balaclava, thermal gloves and a PE bivy sack, amongst other things.

That's all.


  1. Lowest common denominator Chris... and in our world, that can be quite low :)

    Good luck this weekend

    1. Agreed and since getting the s-lab 12 i've made peace with TNF100 gear list. Just bummed that i cant fit a sleeping bag and fleece in that pack.