Monday, February 27, 2012

For Once in My Life...

Verbal Kint had a plan and it worked out pretty darn well for him. Myself on the other hand, i've never really been one for planning things out. Sure i've taken the time and written myself training plans but i don't think i've ever really even been able to follow one for more than a couple days.

Verbal Kint knew of the benefits to a plan.
Friends usually scoff when i try to explain that i'm very bad at training. They mistake the fact that i have a pretty decent volume (4500km + last year) and a lot of time spent slogging around the Dandenongs for good effective training. The reality is that i wake up in the morning and do as i please, sometimes that means a hard 25km, others it means hit the snooze button and squeeze in a lap of Princes Park before turning up late to work (i'm talking about when i actually work).

Well, i figured that considering that i actually made a racing plan this year i might take it one step further and once again put pen to paper (keys to keyboard) and get down what i want my weekly training to look like as i head into the start of the years races. Its nothing very detailed, just a basic outline of something that vaguely resembles what i'd like to maybe do on each day of the week.

Now sitting here, one week on, i have my first pre-planned week of training in the bag and i've got to say i'm feeling pretty good about it. I know its early but I think that i've finally worked out a plan, that will get me doing what i want to be doing, yet is still loose enough that i can add some "off the cuff" variety into the weekly routine (routine used loosely).

Mileage (kilometerage?) wise, last week was high for me. It also had 2 sessions dedicated to speed work, 2 dedicated to hills and I got out for 2 rides on the bike in the Dandenongs. The week culminated in an (almost) 5 hour long, hilly run yesterday, and while i battled over the final 10km in the brutal early afternoon heat, my legs were more than willing to dispatch each and every 'pinchy' climb along the route without much argument.

Yes, this new found place i've found for structure in my running has come as a welcome surprise and i'm excited to see what effect it will have once the races start rolling around in April. Between now and then it's just 1 session at a time and work out what exactly tapering involves before jumping on that boat in Launceston on Good Friday.

Looking forward to spending another Easter onboard (and offboard) Peaccadillo. (photo courtesy of: YMCV)

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