Friday, March 9, 2012


Tuesday just past marked 1 month until the first race of the year. That’s actually not entirely true considering I lined up at Bogong to Hotham on the 8th January, but that race didn’t really happen, at least not in its entirety (though it was a hell of a lot of fun), and I had a pretty big suspicion that I wasn’t really going to be racing (at least at the pointy end) that day any way.

So, 1 month out from 3 peaks and I’m feeling like I’m in a nice groove. Km’s are more abundant, uphills are getting easier, speed sessions are getting speedier, legs have a constant tiredness but keep doing as requested. Today is slated as a rest day and while I would have liked a bit more of a sleep in, waking up at 5:45 was worth the effort to meet Rich at he Yarra Trails for a leisurely jaunt in near perfect conditions. We’d gone out with the intention of 10km at 6 min pace but after an hour and a half of chatting we’d covered 17km without much exertion. After a stretch and shower it was a big serve of French Toast and coffee, for a much needed breakfast, and now a stroll down to Edinburgh Gardens has me sitting in front of my computer screen. A nice groove indeed

Looking ahead, excitement is starting to build for 3 Peaks, Trailwalker Melbourne and TNF100. I’m still working out exactly how I’m going to tackle the training for these 3 events given their proximity to one another (3 Peaks, 2 weeks rest, Trailwalker, 4 weeks rest, TNF100) but for the next couple weeks at least I will continue as per the current training plan and most likely run 3 peaks off a very short taper (few days), Oxfam off a short taper (1 week) and TNF100 off a 2 week taper. Of course all this is mere speculation, as I have no idea how I’ll pull up after each of the events, but I see this as nothing to worry about at present and am happy where I am at, enjoying my running, doing the kms, finding my groove.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    Speed, hills and k's - sounds like you've got it covered.
    You'll do well at 3 Peaks.
    3 big ultras in 6 weeks! Certainly putting it out there.
    Looking forward to seeing you take on TNF.
    Catch ya Wed,